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Tree1The Christmas Tree Promotion Board is happy to announce that it has approved plans for an entirely new advertising campaign for 2016. Click here to view the campaign website!

In the coming weeks, we will introduce a campaign under the umbrella: “IT’S CHRISTMAS, KEEP IT REAL!” Platforms will include social media and paid social media outreach, public relations articles, real world events, and online activations. These activations will begin prior to Thanksgiving and continue through the season.

The campaign utilizes an Advent calendar concept; revealing something new and special every day. Larger, more visible activations will be skewed to the earlier dates in the timeline, however there will be something unveiled each day.

Christmas is all about real quality time spent with family and friends. Embracing the spirit of tradition and unwrapping new memories every year. And at the center of it all is the beloved, real, Christmas tree. The smell, the touch, the authenticity and joy that simply cannot be manufactured.


Tree5This campaign will have two equally important objectives.

1. Build long-term value for real Christmas trees by communicating that the real tree is at the center of an authentic Christmas.
2. Provide tools for all growers and industry partners to help grow their businesses and expand the campaign message.

The campaign will feature a central consumer-facing website at (.org and .net) as well as a Facebook page and presence on all major social media platforms.

A special area for growers and partners will be added to this website as well. This resource center will contain step-by-step instructions for all to utilize and expand the power of the campaign, including a series of “how to” tips for social media starter guides.

As new information becomes available, we’ll update the industry on this website as well as directly via email communications.

Check back to see:

We look forward to a great 2016 Season!







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