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2016 Campaign – “It’s Christmas. Keep it Real.”

In an upscale shopping area near the financial district in New York City, a “pop up” event featuring a cozy living room set, a wise-cracking Nutcracker and a beautiful, 13-foot talking Christmas tree drew attention from passersby and engaged brave pedestrians willing to chat with a witty Fraser fir. The event went to a higher level in the afternoon when actor Neil Patrick Harris joined in the fun as the voice of the tree and surprised participants by emerging through the set door bearing gifts!

This was all part of the effort to gain media attention for the Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s “It’s Christmas. Keep it Real.” campaign.

The campaign included 40 days of individual “activations”; some small and some large, all featured on the campaign website that unlocked new images and content each day, starting on November 15. Much of the campaign was designed to be featured and shared on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on garnering positive media coverage through online and traditional media channels and always with an eye to attracting a millennial audience.


Want to learn more about the results of the 2016 campaign?  Click here for a link to a fun and informative summary video.

Click here to view the 2016 campaign website!


Research Commitment

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board solidified its commitment to Christmas tree research by allocating $120,000 of 2016/2017 budget to industry research initiatives.
CTPB has agreed to fund five research projects, some currently in negotiation or pending USDA contract approval. All projects involve researchers who are well-known to the Christmas Tree Industry and include all growing regions.
The five projects are:








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